Monday, July 2, 2007

Raw on the Road

I went camping last weekend. It was great, except for the part that when I am worried about food and eating non-raw stuff, it's a little annoying. No fridge is an interesting thing to contend with. I've decided though that there are a few things that can be brought camping or on a road trip, especially if you have a cooler.

Dehydrated crackers
Homemade cLara Bars
Lettuce (mixed greens are easiest to deal with since you don't have to tear lettuce and any size helping is available)
Homemade dressing
Homemade pesto (this holds well in heat)
Rawtella (good for when people are eating sweet things, smores, other junk food)
Dried fruit (holds well outside of a cooler)
Trail Mix
Muesli (travels really well and you can make large quantities)

The only thing is that nothing can be blended (I am considering a hand-cranked blender, though) and refrigeration is not the easiest thing to do or maintain. I ended up eating non-raw food a few times. It happens to me most when there are a lot of people and I am feeling overwhelmed. I like to make a lot of raw food, but with groups of folks who are especially interested in seeing how I stay well-fed, I have to consider the sharing aspect, which means making a lot more food. The raw rule is if it's a good (read: tasty enough for non-raw fooders) meal/dish, make a lot, if it's something that people need to "adjust" to, make enough for yourself and maybe a bit extra.

Overall, it was a good experience to see about what to do better next time. Trail mix is probably the best bet, but then I'd have to make sure I had enough fruit and greens to balance out the heavier foods. We'll see how it goes next time.