Friday, January 18, 2008

It's a's a, wait, it's a GREEN SMOOTHIE

Oh wo-man! I just drank about 32 oz. of Green Smoothie and do I feel good? Why, yes I do! Wahoo!
I've also been reading really touching testimonials from folks who went to Annapurna Inn in Port Townsend, WA. Wow. I want to go now! I stayed there last summer but did not do any kind of cleansing (I was on a writing retreat at the time) but I was actually getting info for my friend, who at the time, was having gall bladder issues in a big way. I figured that if she went, then I'd go to to support her. Well, the friend had her gall bladder removed, but after going back to the site today, I've decided that there's no need for me to wait until I have major issues to get a good scrub of the insides.

Hubby also wants a good clean out so I'm setting my attention and intention on going in the summer so we have time to cleanse before that and so it's nice weather. Nicer, anyway. :)

I am feeling REALLY awesome today. Fridays are great days for me. I am feeling peaceful, happy, fulfilled. I feel confident and organized. I feel great.

This youtube makes my day every time I see it.

Also, this one makes me feel good too!

As I understand more about the Law of Attraction, I am happy that I can find things that make me vibrate higher. I don't have to do ANYTHING but feel good. The Universe, my Inner Being, the Source, does all the rest!

Sarah McLachlan made this video a few years ago and I am just really inspired by it, by her, and I love the song.

Well, that's enough multi-media from me...I remember, back in '02, when the words were the most entertaining part...ah, how times have changed!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An Occasion to Heal

I've been reading the Abraham-Hicks books and they are REALLY helpful. Especially around raw foods. They're helpful with everything actually, but I'm using the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing to help with my raw food lifestyle.

I went to the dentist on Monday. I take pride in my teeth, or at least I like them to look good and several months ago I noticed that one tooth was getting a cavity at the gum line. Yikes! So I went in to have it checked, thinking I was 'on top of it' and it wouldn't be so bad. Well, I had it filled, as well as getting a Caries test, which tells me if I have the bacteria that causes cavities (well, this is a good test if you don't ALREADY have cavities, of course). My numbers were pretty high, so the bacteria has been making itself at home, looking for new places to hide.

Unfortunately, my intuition knew right away that my love affair with dried fruit must come to an end. Dried fruit helped me transition from cooked food, continuously keeps me from eating cookies and chocolate, and overall, is easy to snack on. It also liked to hang around on my teeth for hours at a time (I don't brush after every meal) and feed the bacteria that helps create cavities. Also, I like to snack CONSTANTLY, which is worse than the sugar part. There was no time for my saliva to step up with its awesome minerals and fight my cavities and the bacteria.

At first, I was really bummed about the whole situation (I felt really bad and hazy after my DDS appt, but I think the Novocaine was new for me on the raw diet and didn't sit too well). I wasn't vibrating very high. I have a lot of cavities and while I try to take care of them as soon as I can, there they are anyway. I just finished Victoria B.'s "Green For Life" and that put things in perspective. I believe that I've had a mineral deficiency for a while. I drank electrolyte stuff (the kind that just has the minerals and NOT the sugar), but it got old. And I believe that my dehydration was from low to no minerals in my body. I eat a pretty sketchy raw diet when I am raw, and only recently have I begun my interest in green soups and smoothies.

Instead of continuing down the (negative) road of "Woe is me, I don't take care of my body well, I deserve ill-health, etc.," I decided to use my Law of Attraction skills and appreciate my body for showing me additional ways I can take care of myself, and my unborn children. It's one thing to be lackadaisical with my own body, but when growing a small child, I need help learning what signs my body makes to show me what I need. While the whole doctor thing is nice, it's also expensive and if my body can successfully help me figure out how to treat myself over the next year, when I am pregnant it won't be new to me. Dry mouth? Must be lack of minerals. Dandruff? Lack of minerals. Dark around my eyes? Lack of minerals. I am proud of myself and look forward to more occasions to learn about my body and its needs.