Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I haven't been officially 100% raw. I have tried and on some days I succeed, but for the most part, I had/have not set an intention to eat 100% raw. The move and the weeks following have been really hard for me. I am struggling to create space in this new big house, with three other people, and food and health have fallen by the wayside. Of course, as it's want to happen, my body is not happy and shows its disapproval by giving me back my headaches, my acne, my cravings, and any other thing it feels will help get me back on track.

Going raw for me is mostly difficult because of the social implications. Everything from weight loss to mood change to looking different and feeling different to entertaining myself with food and so on, is up for scrutiny, or so people think.

I just moved into a house where 3/4 of the people cook and so it's going to be extra important and challenging to stay raw.

There's a 5 day raw Challenge that I think would be worth trying:

  • For 5 days, avoid all fats–eating nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables. "No fat" means not eating avocados, nuts, seeds, or oils.
  • Do not use any condiments–just raw fruits and vegetables, eaten straight or blended in smoothies, soups, etc.
  • For 5 days, I will not eat any dried fruits or dates.
The last one is tough but five days isn't too bad.

This blog is too slow. More later.