Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Woman, alive!
This year's Thanksgiving was awesome. We had 20 people over to our house and it was a fabulous potluck. Usually I get a bit sad about holiday food and the fact that I won't be able to join in, but this year I planned ahead (and learned a great way to organize soaking, sprouting, making things ahead of time, etc.) and made myself a wonderful raw meal. I made the amounts the recipes called for (4-6 people) even though I mostly ate it by myself. But there was enough for leftovers luckily, and that's nice for me when it comes to raw food. Most raw food won't hold too long, so I've been eating leftovers at every meal. It's easy to be raw when the food is already prepared.

I made egg-less deviled "eggs" and they were not only delicious, but looked (well, not like eggs, but like yokes) and tasted like deviled eggs...even to my non-raw family! I'm excited to make that again.

What was really great was not feeling like I couldn't participate and also, not feeling like I had defend or explain my raw choices. I didn't tell anyone I was eating raw food (which is a bit sad for me, since I like to share the "likeness" of raw food to cooked food), nor did I make any point of telling people not to eat too much or to have some salad. I simply ate my food and felt good afterward!

Hosting the meal ourselves was also nice since I got a lot of time prior to the event to prepare all the dishes I wanted to eat. Eating out usually means I have to have salad (and I can only take so much sometimes) or going to others' houses means I have to pack a lot of to-go dishes and basically make my plate up before I offer any leftovers to other guests. Not impossible, but not often comfortable.

I'm still working on desserts and things to make so that I don't get into the cravings of "real" pumpkin pie or chocolate.

I went to Powell's bookstore this past weekend and picked up a few books on Reiki and have decided that it would be a good idea to combine starting a 100% raw program with a Reiki intensive. I haven't practiced Reiki in a traditional way and the combination of intense Reiki practice with 100% raw food would be a really great way to detox both emotionally AND physically.

I am looking for folks to trade with so that I am not only doing self-healings. Raw food and Reiki can really help each other on all levels. I'm eager to start clearing myself more intently and then start attuning other people so that they can have healing at the end of their fingertips.