Friday, September 24, 2010

It Just Takes One Bite

One bite of cooked food and I believe my clever brain will find any and all excuses to eat another. And another. And on it goes.

So it's best not to take the FIRST bite. That probably won't give me a reaction (which leads to the justification of another bite, of course), but it DOES start to give my body information about what's coming.

If I start eating sugar, which has no nutritional value, then my body wants more and more, looking for the value it craves. When I drink a green juice, or have a filling and nutritious smoothie, I only want the one helping, because that is enough for me. I get what I need.

Recently, my husband and I did a raw food week, smoothie fast, then a water fast for one day. As we were introducing more solid food back into our diet, our cravings for it were really low. Hubby even said, "So, that's it? We just don't need to eat anymore?" I laughed, because I felt the same. It was ENJOYABLE to refrain from eating solid food for a week. We simply blended everything. Way filling, way nutritious, and way easier.

But as we were introducing more solid food back into our diet, I found that when I ate more cooked food, I wanted more cooked food. I'm only allowing vegan soup into my afternoon meals now, but still, I can hear the mental gears churning about how I should eat more of this or that. Actually, I just need to keep up the nutrients, blended goodness, and green juice. Can never have enough of those.

I'd say that if I consume 1500 calories a day, 400 calories might be cooked. So I'm operating on about 70% raw food. That's not too bad, but I want to eat primarily raw (except for commerical almond milk, almond butter, oats, and maybe a few other things). Soup in the fall and winter is tough. Miso broth, here I come!

Anyway, just some thoughts...:)