Thursday, October 9, 2008

Upcoming Classes

Please bare with me while I design the curriculum for my upcoming classes. I'm working on a "Warming Up with Raw Foods" class as well as a "Raw Food in Time for the Holidays" class that is more food-prep based. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and more classes.

Successful Fast

Today is Yom Kippur and I am about to complete a successful fast. I did drink water and two cups of fasting tea because I believe that the liquid is aiding me in releasing the toxins that are gathering.

I did not gorge myself for the pre-fast meal (I think I had a small helping of soup) and when I complete the fast I will also have simple liquid like broth or a blended juice.

I rested, read, refrained from media (except writing on a few blogs), and enjoyed the meditative day.

The major religions have a strong relationship with fasting and it's nice to have a renewed relationship with the purpose of fasting. I enjoy doing seasonal fasts and I hope to do more in the coming year. Giving my body a break so I can focus on spiritual matters is really helpful. Sometimes my heart and mind are so hectic that some intentional time to go within is so beneficial.

I feel much better, clearer, more energetic, and satisfied. I'm not running to the kitchen to eat, either. Just waiting until I am ready.