Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fasting, where it's at!

I ate dinner last night after 2+ days of fasting. Yum! Fasting while sick or detoxing is really good for me. It was really easy to do since I am eating less these days anyway. And getting off of it wasn't hard either. I think I had a bit more to eat than maybe I needed to, but I did not overeat, which is good. Eating until 80% full is something each body needs to discover on its own, even at different times, because it changes so much.
I am happy to not be needing solid food upon waking. That is a HUGE change for me. Physically, it lets my body ask for food when it's hungry and spiritually, it lets me take the morning in before I shove food down my throat. Food has often been a pacifier for me and it slows me down. Sometimes I want that slower speed, but then I run the risk of immobility if I do not really listen to what my body wants. Sometimes water or a few deep breaths is all I need to slow down. I've been drinking water water with lemon every morning (even with my mucus problems) and it's been perfect.
I signed up for a writing workshop yesterday. I normally wouldn't do something so rash, but it spoke to me and I am learning that there is a subtle world which I can be a part of at any time and I just have to choose to. It's weird to think/know that what I see isn't all the world. It's in Port Townsend, which will be nice in June, and I really look forward to growing in my writing more. Josh might come up for a couple of nights too, so that will be nice. It was $475 and normally I wouldn't so easily give up money energy to do something, but that's precisely why I did it. I've been wanting to do more workshops and this called to me. I spend money doing other less inspiring things, so it's nice to cater to my priorities.
Plus, I am making more money these days and I want to continue the flow in.
The abundance feelings are definitely increasing. I feel more apt to donate, buy priority things, really think about the money I make and the money I spend as a reflection of myself. We're eating well (abundant groceries) and we're feeling good.
Meditation each morning is really nice. I don't really sit with a goal in mind anymore, I just check-in with The Source, see if anything comes up, and then relish in the silence. It feels really good.
I'm also getting into a routine. I write in the morning and then I exercise. Then I carry on with my day. I am so happy to have my mornings back. It's great to get up, be with Josh, and then still feel like I have ample amounts of time to do stuff.
Anyway, life is going well and the sun is out, yay!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fasting While Sick

So I've been fasting for the most part the last three days. I haven't really felt hungry and for the most part, I've been reading that the stomach aches and "pangs" that we feel are NOT true hunger. When I overeat the night before, I wake up and feel hungry but really, my stomach is simply grumpy from having all this stuff put in there that it didn't finish eliminating. I tend to wait now until 9am or 10am to even think about food and even then, it's probably a smoothie or fresh juice.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Listening to my Body

It's one thing for my body to communicate, it's another thing for me to listen.
I have been fasting for 36 hours (a couple juices have kept me going) so that I don't overload my body with more food information. I want to eat, and I'll bring food to eat, but I spose I'm not that hungry, in all honesty. I just miss eating.

I am curious about what my body is telling me. I know that I have too much mucus in me. I know that I don't listen when I feel full. I know that being sick makes me insane. I know that food is still a problem, even if I have stopped eating sugar. I know dairy is not only not good for me, but it actually compromises my health, just like sugar. This is my dairy hangover...

I feel pretty crappy physically, and also, disconnected. Again, eating with others is hard and I don't give myself any raw options, so of course I don't take care of my body in that way. Plus, I still overeat. I overeat with raw food too. I know when I am full, and yet I continue to eat. Ugh. I don't need to, but I still think things like "This is the last time..." and then eat as much as I can pack in. It's silly, really.

Anyway, I hope to do a little uncovering today around my body and why I treat it this way.

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Body Communicates

Well, I mentioned to a few folks that when my body helps my brain remember that I can't really eat specific foods, that's when I will get it through my head.
Today should be that day!
I am FULL of mucus and while sometimes it a sign that I am detoxing, I also believe that it's a sign that I should not eat dairy. I have eliminated most dairy from my diet already, but cheese was still hanging on and this weekend, after some delicious dairy dishes, my body said WHOA. I'm sad about it, for sure. Sugar and refined chocolate were hard to give up, but I felt okay with their substitutes. Cheese on the other hand does not have a very good substitute. Brie, bleu, sharp cheddar, etc. are so good that a substitute simply won't cut it.
But I know that the alternative is feeling shitty for a few days and that isn't that helpful either. My head feels heavy and full of crap and I can't go five minutes without sneezing, blowing my nose, or hacking up stuff. Ugh. Even the netti pot isn't that successful. I simply have a lot of mucus in my body and it isn't out yet. I think the mucus overload coincides with the candida and I need to seriously avoid those foods.
I've been fasting most of today to give my body a break from the food assault of the past week, but I need to keep that up so that I can seriously clean house a bit. We made excellent raw-ish chili last night and I really want to eat it again, but I think I will let my body decide when it's time to eat. I haven't really been that hungry today so I'm not sure I'll eat the chili tonight. It was a cinch to make too! I also made Date Nut Torte, which is rich and sweet and delicious, but again, a bit mucus-producing.

Oh mucus, why have you forsaken me!?

I did have carrot, radish, celery juice today for lunch and it was quite tasty!