Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Okay, so the clever raw puns are a bit much...

I hope everyone had fun holidays. My husband and I did something different this year which was NOTHING!!! We had Christmas dinner with his folks, but other than that, we watched a lot of movies and slept as much as we could. We needed it.

There was a lot of action on the Give It To Me Raw site, lots of supportive help from Heidi (Raw Food, Right Now), and some local events in Seattle to keep the rawvolution alive!

I, myself, didn't do a the best job staying raw. More than that, I ate too many cookies. I spose that's the challenge I face when living with non-raw (and also non-vegetarian) housemates. It happens. Everyone got sick though, and once the wave of sickness was in the house, I doubled my efforts to at least drink more green smoothies.

One thing I have a problem with is that eating a green smoothie a day can be expensive. That's 7 heads of lettuce. I think I'll try to eat half a head a day, so I only have to get 3 heads. Now I just drink my salad, instead of eating it at work. I have slowed down on the nuts...they are a bit much and I don't necessarily feel any warmer when I eat them. The green smoothie DOES fill me up though, which of course lessens the amount of food I need to eat throughout the day. I'll continue to experiment with this different course in food consumption. I don't buy a lot of lettuce produce, but also, it doesn't get packaged in bags via Pioneer Organics, so it seems to be better on the environment packaging-wise.

For the most part, I'm back to 100% raw diet. I'd like to limit my nut consumption and increase the foods that reduce my hunger/sugar cravings. Those seem to kill me each time. Karen Knowler talks about the three things we need to go raw and stay raw:

1. Delicious Food

2. Ongoing Support

3. Inspiring Vision

I'm also committing to writing more on this blog so that I can keep track better. Sometimes I think I am writing for others, when usually I am writing for myself. Thanks to everyone for reading!