Friday, June 6, 2008

Getting Clear

I am facilitating my first Reiki attunement on Sunday and that has helped me get back to my raw food roots, so to speak. I have had several weeks of discovery around my raw food and cooked food habits.
The pendulum has swung and is now swinging back. When I know that I must hold energy for a lot of people and/or in a bigger way, I am naturally drawn to raw food. I feel good when I eat it, and feel great AFTER I eat it, so that helps.

Being a clearing for light energy is really important to me. When I feel disconnected, eating heavy, cooked food is where I immediately go. Not because it makes me feel more connected, but it just numbs me out from the feeling of disconnection. Interesting how that works.

I am learning that I tend to not shine as bright as I can, for fear of standing out, not fitting in, or being weird. I am learning how much that does not serve me. The people I love, who love me, have NO problem when I vibrate at my full potential. They like it. I like it. It's a win/win, y'know?

Eating cooked food is not really fun for me. I do not get the pleasure that I once did. In fact, after a hypno-session I did this week, I really don't want the baked goods that I used to be obsessed with.

I am not reading so many raw blogs these days either. Raw food is becoming a normal part of my life, even with my cooked food experiences. I don't feel as drawn to read about the beginner stuff anymore. Even if I'm not 100% raw. I just want to talk about other stuff, y'know?

I have been thinking about a curriculum for folks who are beyond raw "basics" and looking for support around detox, emotional transformation, how our lives change when we go raw (and not just what we buy at the grocery store). I'm fascinated with that topic since being raw has brought me a lot of other stuff that I rarely get to share with others.

I'm offering my first private raw basics class to non-raw folks who are interested in just more fresh food in their lives. I'm very excited. It will allow me to see what works, and what doesn't. It'll be small so I can do personal stuff and answer questions. And we'll make some yummy easy food.

I've done a good job of not getting down on myself about my eating. I am definitely learning about energy and why or how I crave certain foods. My fears are very tightly wrapped around food and eating and learning about it is good for me as I approach family-making. When I am afraid of my power, I use food to deaden it to a normal level. I use food to deal with boredom, too. If I take more responsibility in my life, there is less boredom...and this is definitely a transition for me. I am not used to doing that, admittedly. I mean, I don't run away completely, but I certainly haven't been stepping up. Just something for me to notice.

Anyway, I feel good today (I'm eating some simple, but delicious flax seed crackers that I made last night). Making simple but delicious food is key. Eating a lot more is also key. Having enough food to eat a lot more of, is key too. The flax crackers can be adapted and don't have nuts (which I am trying hard to limit)so I look forward to flax graham crackers, flax pizza crust, pie crust, etc. Yum!

I will also do the Master Cleanse again. It was really successful the last time and now that I know my pitfalls, I can be better prepared when they come up again. I might go longer than 10 days and really take time to meditate and get in touch with that powerful part of myself and see how to engage it more. I know it can be done. I also want to keep more regular with cleansing.

Here's to holding more energy and being light in the world!