Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ah, The Master Cleanse Returns!

It's been a while since I properly cleansed and after my allergy attack (my body knows exactly how I listen!), I've decided it's time to cleanse again. Normally, cleansing earlier in the Spring makes a nice transition, but sometimes I'm a late bloomer (no pun intended!).

So there are many links out there that discuss the Master Cleanse. Here's one that I posted on twitter/facebook: Master Cleanse Secrets

Hit up Google for other links, opinions, criticisms, etc.

I won't talk about why the cleanse is good or bad, you need to come to that on your own. But I've done it successfully before, and it felt great, so I'm doing it again.

I've invited folks to participate if they feel so inclined, because it's nice to share in the progress together.

I'm cleansing to reduce mucus, shed some wintertime chub, and start new. I'm attracting more clients to my Reiki business, studying more about energetic healing, and working with small businesses to facilitate progress through process. A cleaner system makes all of the above much easier, in my experience.

Why are you doing the Master Cleanse?

If you don't know, then take a few minutes to really explore your motivation. I find that my goals are easier to reach when I know why they are goals.

I'm not starting the cleanse until June 1st (Monday!) and will be posting how I prepare to release weight, toxins, negative emotions, etc., so the transition is easier and more enjoyable.

Stay tuned, tell your friends, and let's do this thing!