Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yay Colon!

This morning I had another colonic. Man, I love them. I don't leave feeling 'high' or euphoric (I've read that others have these amazing, light feelings). I leave pretty tired or sluggish. It's a lot of work sometimes! I always think that I can relax and kick back, but in order to engage in what is happening inside my colon, I have to pay attention to what's coming out, how I'm feeling, and consciously release toxic stuff from my body. But now, several hours later, I feel great. My inclination is to refrain from eating, but it feels like a bad idea to not eat just because I want to limit what comes out...I have the same reaction to fasting...but I usually convince myself that my body needs the nutrients, even if I don't necessarily want to "deal" with them.

Toward the end of the session, it seemed to be "all clear" and I was happy about that. I feel like I had a lot of release when I first started doing colonics, but now, after eating primarily raw, eliminating at least 3 times a day, and doing several colonics a year, quite possibly, it's getting to be pretty clean in there.

I'm still planning on doing a gall bladder cleanse this summer because each eliminating organ needs specific attention. Who knows what's going on in my gall bladder or liver? Without any symptoms (that I know of) it's easy to assume it's all good. But I like to be safe. Plus, I'm excited to feel the difference. I feel it in my colon, and I can only imagine what it might feel like to cleanse my gall bladder.

I'm enjoying my 100% raw-ness at the moment. I'm reading supportive blogs, listening to podcasts, reading great books, and spending time with myself, reaping the benefits of being all raw. It finally feels 'normal' to be raw. We don't go out much, but I've stopped missing it. When I smell cooked food, I don't make gag noises or tell people how much I just LOOOOVVVEEE my salad. I enjoy the smell, I enjoy other people's enjoyment of their food, and I quietly love my salad. I don't promote eating raw because it feels good. My main MO, when I am trying to sell the benefits of raw, is to help people feel better, reduce their symptoms, help them get better sleep, etc. If cooked food didn't give people cancer, allergic reactions, poor sleep, etc. I wouldn't even suggest it to folks. I ate raw at first to detox and lose weight (well, weight loss wasn't a goal, but once it started happening, I was inspired to keep on). Once I learned about the massive health benefits, that's when I was convinced that it's a great idea no matter what your ailment. And if, after a month or two, your symptoms are alleviated (and with them usually goes the cause for them), then by all means, go have some pasta.

Anyway, I'm realizing that eating nuts and heavier foods is not really helping me at this point. I like it for the grounding effect, but honestly, it simply feels heavy. My most obvious symptom is itchy legs and mucous-y nose. I often have to blow my nose. It doesn't really run, but it collects stuff.

I'm feeling really good these days. I'm excited for all the energy that is swirling around my Reiki practice. I feel really inspired now, more than I used to feel. There are a lot of doors open, a lot of ideas filing in and out, and it seems that once I sit down to work, good stuff comes. I am feeling confident too. Yay!