Friday, July 27, 2007

Food and Low Self-Esteem

Relapse. Hadn't done it until we began the moving process. Didn't eat sugar, or gorged on wheat or dairy or cooked things. But lost control and had pizza, fries, chocolate, pastries, etc. Yikes.

Our food is locked in boxes and the fridge is too full to get anything out. WOW. I am unmotivated to eat at home. I buy all my stuff at the store now.

I'm dreaming of the time when our kitchen is set up, when we don't have too much food jammed in a small fridge, and I can bring my lunch. :)

I noticed too that when my eating choices aren't good, my self-esteem plummets. It was weird to connect those two. Stress made me eat bad, eating bad made me feel bad, feeling bad made me eat bad and feel bad some more, which stressed me out and again it goes. The summer is the best time to be raw in Seattle because we have good produce from the eastern side of the state and I am wasting my eating on cooked food. Yikes.

Soon I will go back to mostly raw. This Saturday we'll unpack the kitchen.