Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My First Raw Food Class

I'll be teaching my first raw food class on Friday and I'm excited. I'm doing mostly food prep and quick meals but I'm excited to share what I know because I'm super enthusiastic about raw food and I believe it's a good use of my time to share with others how to include more fruits and veggies in their diet.

Weight loss is a huge draw for a lot of people, which is all fine and good, but I do believe that more nutrients in our life can't hurt.

It's a four hour class and will mostly be focused on food and learning how to substitute raw food for cooked food. Fun! Anyway, I'm excited.

On a personal front, I am feeling very wishy-washy about raw food...I have not attended many community events because I have been a bit turned off of community at present. Not in general, but I have a hard time going to raw food events these days. I have made my raw food life "normal" and even when I eat food that doesn't agree with me, I still consider myself raw. I do feel like my addiction scenario is more obvious...I can admit my powerlessness...but getting help is harder. Although, I do realize that while I was in therapy last night, I used the metaphor of nourishment, consuming, and being fed to describe my frustration with feeding my soul. My soul is hungry and although food in NO way helps, it distracts me enough to make me "feel better."
In any case, this connection of food to soul nourishment was important, as I believe that my current job, my current creative output, and my desire to connect with others like me has a direct correlation to unhappiness or better yet, dissatisfaction.

It's important to know that about myself, and possibly others, because as I free up energy, it DOES need to go someplace and be USED. It can't just hang around. When that happens I get a bit anxious. I'm reading a lot more because I have a lot of energy to release or use up.

But the energy has to be used in its frequency. When I eat organic, fresh raw foods, I create that same type of energy. In fact, I add to it with love, compassion, enthusiasm, and desire to connect to the Divine. So that energy transmutes inside of me and then has to flow out into something else, as it is gaining momentum. This is how we change the world. We gather the best, create more to add to it, and then share it with others.

It IS important that we add to it. In fact, an interesting thing I feel about the raw food evolution is that when I moved beyond what I was eating, into how that food motivated me, I wanted to do different things. I don't read as many blogs about food anymore. And some folks who are hanging out in a similar place as when they first went raw, I have lost my appetite for their info. Nothing personal, it's just that I want to read about different stuff.

Being 100% raw is not my only goal...frankly, I enjoy learning about transmutation and how to bring the chakras into my daily life/work. How can I use the positive energy that food gives me in my daily work (reiki, sewing, writing, the law firm, teaching, gardening, etc.)?

I am still learning about my addictions and how I use food to mediate my brain and spirit. I do not beat myself up over eating non-raw food. It's not about being strict...because I know there is a reason I am still needing cooked food to mediate my life. I am unfulfilled in several other areas and the eating of cooked food pretends to satisfy me...I'm aware of that. Logically, it makes no sense to eat it. I feel happy for about 5 mins and then I end up eating more to get that continuous high. Then I go to sleep, full and feeling yucky, and wake up with a food hangover, similar to that of folks who drink a lot and get an alcohol hangover. My face has started to break out over the past couple of days and actually, that's a huge incentive for me to go back to my raw ways. Also, we haven't been to the grocery store for our staples.

Anyway, no excuses, just observations. I do not feel the camaraderie that I think I'll feel when eating socially (which is usually when I let everything 'slide'). The rigidity is hard for me...especially when I really do feel uptight wanting to know what is raw, organic, etc. So I am simply continuing to explore it and I am okay that it is my own journey and I owe nothing to anyone with regarding of explaining my actions...I am learning how to be raw and that is a constant process.

I can still teach about it, because the addiction does not exclude me from my passion and interest in it. :) Plus, I HAVE read a lot about it.

That's all for now...I have been contemplating the Master Cleanse seems like a helpful thing.