Friday, July 23, 2010

Raw Food Plan

I'm in a 12 step program that works with plans. Spending plans. Action plans. Record keeping. I keep tabs on my life this way.
I had a thought that that kind of planning would help me with my raw food life.
In my spending plan, I look at what income I have to work with (so that I don't spend impulsively). For food, I can do something similar. I know what foods are safe for me. I can even include the cooked versions in case I am feeling like I need cooked food (there are times).

So for instance, I do okay with cooked yams. That's on my "Safe Food" list.
There are several foods that are not safe, in any form. I learn these one at a time and usually I need to try it three times to make sure. Beans, sprouted or otherwise, don't work for me, so they are "not safe" and I plan my food and meals around that.

There is a lot of variety in what I CAN eat and by making a plan of meals and safe food, I can usually make good meals or at least have the right ingredients on hand. This is also important too.

In another 12 step program there is weighing, measuring, having a food sponsor, an abstinent list, etc. I find that if I am able to surround myself with good food, people who know my food habits, and basic "fixes" for common/recurring situations, then I can keep raw food primary in my life.

There are other components to eating raw successfully and having a good community and a supportive environment is a big one. Not just other raw foodists, but supportive friends and family who can and will accommodate your food needs.

I've found that the vegan/vegetarian friends I have are very helpful (I just have to make sure cheese is left on the side) and supportive. And several friends actually know about eating raw (even though they aren't 100%) and that really helps too.

It's also important for me not to "fall off the wagon" and then give up all hope after that and go back to eating cooked food. That takes me days to get back and meanwhile, I usually suffer congestion, foggy brain, weight gain, and bloating. Yuck!

So when I eat cooked food that doesn't work for me (usually happens when I don't plan or have no options while eating out) I start back raw as soon as I can. I plan my next raw meal (Berries and almond milk or a large kale salad make me salivate!).

I also am learning that spending more money on the right food for me is really important. I need to take care of myself regarding food and not skimp on food just because it's expensive. What ends up costing me more is the slipperly slope of cooked/prepared food, and the resulting ill health and stress I feel afterward. Raw food only *seems* to cost more. Health is priceless.