Friday, November 2, 2007

Using Your Energy

When I started eating more and more raw food I found that I had a lot more energy. It seems that's the case with a lot of people. But what do we do with it?

Last blog I wrote about how sometimes the proselytizing doesn't work. But there are many other ways to share the raw food energy.

I know that once I had this huge amount, I felt COMPELLED to exercise. I enjoy getting on the rebounder for 20-25 mins a day. Even if I intend to only jump for 15 mins., I end up doing 25 mins. because it feels so good. And now that exercising has become a normal part of my day, and I still have MORE energy, I am designing a workshop for those who are just beginning on the raw path.

I'm finding that I LOVE to create desserts so I make those when I have some free time. I read books and listen to raw podcasts so that I can keep up to date. Once our bodies know that we have created a place to put this new energy, it will probably want to continue making more.

If you ever watch Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, then you know that some dogs with STRONG instincts to herd, retrieve, run, guard, etc., need to be mentally exercised so that they don't go crazy with all the pent up energy they have. I think it's the same for people who are eating raw and creating more energy within. I believe that's why lots of change happens at once when beginning the raw diet.

On the SAD (Standard American Diet) we have learned to compensate for energy loss and excess...but once we start assimilating properly, we don't have to work so hard to keep balanced and in fact, we need to find more to do! (maybe I should go back to cleaning houses!)

This inspired me to really focus on what and how I want to share about being raw. While I admire those on the 100% track, I'm not on that track currently. I am working hard to get there, but I am taking my time and appreciating my process. It doesn't mean though that I can't share my achievements with others through classes, workshops, and raw treats. In fact, it seems that there is a lot of room for the transitional enterprises because lots of people won't make the switch from 0 to 100% overnight. A very dedicated, motivated few might, but raw is for everyone, no matter how much you want to incorporate into your diet.

So I am taking my energy and putting it into writing this blog (I'm LOVING all the comments I get!), reading other blogs, and designing curricula and recipes. I'm thinking about making/selling raw boxed lunches, small dinner parties, weight loss guidance via raw, etc.

What are you doing with YOUR extra raw energy?


I forgot to blog about this. I think I wanted to erase it from my memory.
I got an email from a "friend" (must keep anonymity) saying that he didn't want me to talk to him about his eating habits anymore. He felt judged by me and asked that his food/diet/sugar habit be "off limits."

I felt really hurt by the email, truth be told. I do not spend my days thinking of ways to judge or harass people. What I do is listen to their endless complaints about their body for years at a time and one day, perhaps uncontrollably, tell them that if they try Reiki, raw food, therapy, etc., they might make some headway in their health. These are people whose lives are altered by their physical, mental, emotional discomfort. I feel like a secret doctor who shrugs her shoulders when a patient with an open, bleeding wound is crying in agony. They aren't asking for help, they are simply crying in agony. And it's MY arrogance that pipes up and tells them that putting pressure on the wound will stop the blood, as well as ceasing to jab themselves repeatedly with a sharp object. But my 'advice' and of course 'judgment' is unsolicited.

This is something I have always struggled with. When something has worked for someone else, and I have a similar problem, I'm all over their advice and suggestions. I'll try anything. I know my limitations so I welcome anyone else's experience, even if it's ONLY to clarify what I feel is right. So the fact that my concern is seen as judgment is really disappointing.

I eventually wrote back and apologized that my friend saw my concern as judgment and pointed out that my intention was more powered by caring than by wanting to make him feel bad. Sadly, I probably won't be sharing raw food with him intentionally (unless of course he asks) and don't really look forward to eating with him. I know I'm just cranky about it at this point and it will probably be nothing in a few weeks. Too bad not everyone can get on the train at the same time.

Stay tuned for better ideas for what to do with my energy...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why I'm Raw

When I am faced with a wheat-y, sugary cooked food (my weakness) I wish I could quickly list off all the reasons why I don't REALLY want to eat it, so I'm making a list to post in my office and carry in my wallet (two convenient sizes!)

Why I'm Raw:
a good night's sleep
wearing cute clothes that fit my new, lean body
more energy
clear skin
not getting sick (even when it's 'going around')
healthy pregnancy (eventually)
spiritual connection to God
spiritual connection to everything else
no gas
no excessive time in the toilet
quick healing
better Reiki sessions
cheaper food budget
no yeast infections
no cysts
more enthusiasm for life
more creativity
feel lighter
more environmentally responsible
less packaging
food tastes better
desire to eat foods I didn't like before
my whole life changes
feel more compassionate
manifest better
so many delicious foods!
awesome community, in Seattle AND worldwide!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Nope, not a recipe. I made the tiramisu from Cafe Gratitude and served it family style to my family for a pre-wedding meal. RAVE REVIEWS! Also, many family members haven't seen me since I've become raw and I got lots of compliments on that. It felt good to be seen for how I feel.
EVERYONE loved the tiramisu (even though I need to work out some kinks) and I felt SO good. I am still in the approval seeking stage regarding my food. I made Pasta Buddha-nesca (a la Jenna Norwood) but the garlic (raw garlic is tough!) was too spicy so lots of food went untouched. I think I will try to dehydrate it a little beforehand so that the sweetness can be preserved. Raw is just too much. I'll be stinky today for sure.

It was great to host a party at our house and made raw food (we did not tell people it was raw unless they asked). I had a great time making the tiramisu (a two day process) and not too many plates came back full. :)

I look forward to learning more about hosting bigger events because raw food can be "reheated" so there's a delicate holding time. I enjoyed people enjoying raw food for sure.