Thursday, January 10, 2008

Creating the Vessel

I'm detoxing a bit these days. I haven't been 100% raw since last August. But luckily, I don't have too much to detox (it seems). I'm a bit congested in the mornings, but I limit my intake of food before noon so my body can continue the healing process it is so fond of.

I'm starting out 100% raw this year, not as a whimsical resolution to be forgotten in a month, but a commitment to myself and my future children to create the best vessel I can for them. I plan on being as raw as possible when I am pregnant (who knows what will happen? At least the intention will be there). I am creating the possibility of having an easy, enjoyable, and spiritually uplifting labor so that my child can have a good start to his/her physical life. I've wanted to have kids ever since I knew I could and it has been most important to me to be as conscious as possible. I know that babies are resilient and I have met several babies (they are adults now) who got the short end of the stick in various ways, but I'm interested in collaborating with my kids, regarding their arrival. They chose to come through me and my husband, and I'd like to be a good host to them. So that my body does not go into shock, I am preparing a year before we agreed to start trying. I'll be able to find out what works best so that when my WHOLE life changes, raw food will not be on the list of challenges/issues to "deal" with. Hopefully, it will be the tool I can use to deal with the other stuff. Should it even arise. :)

I just read (in record time) David Wolfe's Sunfood Diet Success System. It was a great book to read having had some experience with eating raw. He talks about spirituality, success, goals, Law of Attraction, nutrients, evolution, etc. VERY fascinating and easy to read. He has some clever poetry, but I started to skip it after a while. He recommends reading the book again and again, so I'll try and catch it the next time around. It's a nice book to own, even if I don't follow all his recommendations. It's a great reference tool.

I'm reading Ask and It Is Given (Abraham Teachings via Esther and Jerry Hicks) too. It's a great book. It is helping me figure out how to manifest my life. I am the creator of all that's in my life and if that's the case, there are some re-designs I need to look into. :)

I've been reading a lot about how I am busy enough in my own business that I don't need to bother with other people. It's a hard lesson for me. I think I feel obliged and charged with imparting all the knowledge I have accumulated to others whenever there is a space in the conversation. This is not the case, in reality. Both David Wolfe and the Abraham Teachings (and many other success philosophers) encourage me to work on my stuff and let others work on theirs. I've heard these lessons many times before and I'm sure I was frustrating to other folks who 'got it' before I did. And now I 'got it' many years later, after my OWN discovery.
It's important who I surround myself with. If I am bent on being with people who don't get (and don't WANT to get it, more importantly), then I will have created, externally, the part of me who likes to be stuck, resistant, blaming, angry, etc. But if I make better effort to spend time with folks who are into the growth factor, who want to support me and who are open to me supporting them, then I can move into a different light.

I won't go on, you get it. I feel like my life is changing fundamentally and subtly so that it's not a huge shock to my system. That's good. Of course, I did create it that way! :)