Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On Again Off Again

I've become accustomed to saying I am "mostly raw" which means that I do not hold myself to a perfectionistic view of eating raw food (I do eat commercial 'raw' almond butter, drink pasteurized beverages on occasion, and I've stopped asking if everything is organic). When I feel pulled to eat outside my raw guidelines, I don't beat myself up. Do I feel better after eating cooked food? Certainly not. Do I feel worse when I spend time berating myself for not being 100%. Absolutely. So my solution, as well as that of many raw folks out there, is to go slowly and intentionally. I am conscious of the cooked food I eat. Most times it's usually a friend's homemade treats or something that I can't be absolutely sure is 100% raw. This has allowed me to stop confining myself and to let my journey be just that, a journey.

Sometimes I don't want to blog if I've been eating too much cooked food because I feel that I will be misleading readers and disappointing them. Yikes. If that is what I allow to happen, then I keep people from getting to know me, Becca, as a dynamic, 3-D person, not just a blogger "somewhere out there."

On a positive front, I am developing/exploring ways to incorporate my desire to be raw and my enthusiasm to share the raw life with others. Since I am an energy worker, eating raw foods goes right along with my energy work. On top of that, I enjoy the emotional work as well and want to provide folks an all-encompassing Whole Systems approach to life. If they come in for Reiki, that's great, but I am dying to share raw food with them. If they come to a raw food workshop, I want to offer Reiki treatments to ease transition. If I do a feng shui consultation, then I of course want to help folks not only clear energy within their house, but also within their body (as they are in close relation). I am seeking ways to market this approach so that when people come to me for one thing, I can guide them to other things that are available to them.

My current job, although nice for various reasons, is slowly running out with regards to my energy. I am putting out to the Universe that I am looking to step up my energy as well as my abundance by doing the things that not only I am good at, but also love. A friend is going to help me focus on marketing, which will be a step in the right direction.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Clear Energy

One thing that I am really enjoying about being mostly raw is that, as a Reiki practitioner, my energy is a LOT clearer. I can hear my intuition a lot better, my chakras seems to be stronger and better functioning, I feel more confident about working on people, etc.
When I receive Reiki it's a lot better too. The healing I had recently was just faster or easier or more profound. It's hard to put it into words, but there were less blocks, in any case.
In my dealings with old friend, challenging family members, etc., I just don't feel the same sludge that I did when I was fully cooked. I can function more efficiently in all my affairs. It doesn't take long for me to implement change, either. I wanted to earn more money to pay off our debt, and my boss offered me more work.
Because of my increased spiritual access and awareness, I feel way less hopeless and lonely. The winter is setting in in Seattle and although I'm not a huge fan of the gray, I do not feel the doom I used to feel. I feel connected to my spiritual guides on a regular basis and I have a lot more faith.

I made a butternut squash pie (instead of pumpkin) and although it didn't agree with me, my inlaws seemed to love it. I'm going to work on the recipes a bit (maybe with some help from Heidi and Justin) but they were really jazzed. And my mom in law really wants me to have a workshop on raw foods. That made me really happy to hear.

So I'm picking a date in the coming months and I'm inviting a small group to just come and learn about the benefits of raw food and how to make some basic things. Yay!