Thursday, August 16, 2007

Manifesting My Life

I joined an online manifesting/Law of Attraction group started by Jinjee Talifero and it's really great. Although it's not face to face, I am finding that I have less time to meet face to face and this way I can meet folks online!

Go here to join!

I've been 100% raw for several days now. Well, I've eaten some roasted nuts (a handful) and a few slices of sprouted grain bread. But other than that, I've been 100%. The bread is already in the house and I have a hard time letting food go to waste. :(

I feel really good these days. I'm working on manifesting a new way to make a living. I'm not as excited about commuting anymore because I want time to work on the house, practice Reiki, and write. I have been going to bed later, which may come from having more energy. But getting up is still a bit harder. I don't have any major detoxing symptoms. There is some mucous, but elimination seems okay.

I'm loving the act of making desserts right now. They have all come out really nice. I'm feeling more confident about tweaking recipes (since there is no heat reaction to be concerned with). I'm debating whether to get a biz license for the raw food education right now. I think I will wait until we return from Italy. I'm a bit busy these days. :)