Friday, January 15, 2010

Progress not Perfection

That's a 12 step saying...but entirely appropriate for my situation.

A few days ago I ate three cooked meals, and barely any raw food. Big mistake. Huge. I then got a 6 day (might be 7, 8) sinus infection/allergic reaction to contend with. Super ugh. Headache, poor sleep, and a runny nose that puts most colds I've had to shame. 6 days now!

When I see food that beckons me to ignore my allergy, I am aware that it would be a bad idea. I am still tempted. Raw food in the beginning was simply a healthy, good idea for me. Now it's becoming a necessity. I don't need 100% or fancy supplements, but I do need to make sure that I have 1-2 raw meals a day, hopefully with an okay combination.

I have gained weight back to 153 lbs., which I don't like, but more importantly, I just want to *feel* better.

When we move our office, I will go back to the trampoline, which I have sadly been neglecting.

I'm going to get back into Overeater's Anonymous, because I need to give myself some structure. Sure, sometimes it can be so depressing, I can barely take it, but my program doesn't have to be depressing. And I don't need to compare. I know I just need some abstinence from harmful foods, and a daily plan of what I can/will eat.

I'm making progress, in any case. Awareness is good stuff.