Friday, January 18, 2008

It's a's a, wait, it's a GREEN SMOOTHIE

Oh wo-man! I just drank about 32 oz. of Green Smoothie and do I feel good? Why, yes I do! Wahoo!
I've also been reading really touching testimonials from folks who went to Annapurna Inn in Port Townsend, WA. Wow. I want to go now! I stayed there last summer but did not do any kind of cleansing (I was on a writing retreat at the time) but I was actually getting info for my friend, who at the time, was having gall bladder issues in a big way. I figured that if she went, then I'd go to to support her. Well, the friend had her gall bladder removed, but after going back to the site today, I've decided that there's no need for me to wait until I have major issues to get a good scrub of the insides.

Hubby also wants a good clean out so I'm setting my attention and intention on going in the summer so we have time to cleanse before that and so it's nice weather. Nicer, anyway. :)

I am feeling REALLY awesome today. Fridays are great days for me. I am feeling peaceful, happy, fulfilled. I feel confident and organized. I feel great.

This youtube makes my day every time I see it.

Also, this one makes me feel good too!

As I understand more about the Law of Attraction, I am happy that I can find things that make me vibrate higher. I don't have to do ANYTHING but feel good. The Universe, my Inner Being, the Source, does all the rest!

Sarah McLachlan made this video a few years ago and I am just really inspired by it, by her, and I love the song.

Well, that's enough multi-media from me...I remember, back in '02, when the words were the most entertaining part...ah, how times have changed!

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