Thursday, February 14, 2008

So what do YOU know?

Hey Raw Foodies!
I realize that I really enjoy writing about myself (ha!) but I don't know much about the folks that read my blog. What are YOU interested in hearing about? I read a billion blogs from other folks and I try to vary what I talk about, but I have no idea how that lands with each of you.

So comment here or send me an email at rawbecca (at) gmail (dot) com. I'd love to write more about what you want to read.

I seem to wait too long to blog, I know. Lots of things are happening in my life that 'may or may not' (read: definitely do, in my opinion) have to do with raw food. Since becoming raw, I've been able to see a (large) part of myself that I hadn't seen before or for very long, if I HAD seen it before. I can't really describe it precisely, but I feel more compassionate, passionate, enthusiastic, hopeful, energetic, and connected (to name a few positive aspects).

I've been 100% since January 2008(95% or so since January 2007) and I'm finding it to be quite easy. My body is rejecting nuts more and more...and my excuse for eating them (they help me stay warm in winter) is no longer holding any water. I've been cold the whole time! My love affair with cashews is slowly coming to an end. They are so sweet and filling, and yet they wake me up in the middle of the night for scratching and bad gas. Plus, they aren't really raw either. So there. Josh likes the nuts, doesn't care if they are raw or not, and it's better than doughnuts so we still have them around. I haven't really had much commercial almond milk. I wait to make my own nut milk, which luckily, is not very often.

I'm down to 127 lbs., definitely not on purpose, but I just am not eating the same way anymore. Lots more juice and green smoothies. Love my veggies and salad, too. I still make the gourmet raw food for non-raw guests or special events, but even then I don't eat too much. The raw tiramisu from Cafe Gratitude is indeed yummy, but my body pays a price for eating it (see cashew trouble above).

But the most exciting part about the changes is that I have engaged my unborn baby (she's a strong spirit) and when I am about to eat unconsciously, she is good about telling me that it's not a good idea. I'm still combining poorly, but I am taking it slow, so as not to become militant, as I am want to do with eating choices, making it difficult to stick with it.

In addition to enjoying my food more, I am feeling some different things emotionally. I have been wanting to practice Reiki more so that I can work at home more often. But the reason I want to work at home more is so that I have more time to do the community work that REALLY inspires me.
I just recently realized that the reason I spend money, primarily, is usually because I want to connect with others. I want to be in communities of folks who are making a difference, who are loving and accepting, and who are not freaked out by my authentic self. I want to know my neighbors, stay with raw folks when I travel, visit raw communities and restaurants outside Seattle, write about things that are important to me, and really allow all the abundance to flow into me and then from me, as much as possible. I want to travel to connect to people and also, to witness the connection I see happening easily between others, all over the world. I like to blog to share my observations and inspire others and provide healing space through words. I ride the bus because my car feels lonely and I like having ample time just to sit and watch. All of these "little" things pointed toward my deep desire for and attraction to more connection.
I'm on two non-profit boards because I feel that they both are in growing stages and what they need is help connecting with others. I found myself the other day really wanting to plan a family reunion! It's plainly obvious NOW that this desire spans my whole life and it's time to open up to the possibilities that are present within that desire. I have no idea what is coming, but I do know that I feel a sense of peace, having finally grasped what I really love in my life. No wonder, I was NOT feeling the intense enthusiasm for all this other stuff that I thought was my only way toward "happiness".

Raw food has helped me strip away the unnecessary stuff. When it comes down to what makes me happy, it's a house full of people, delicious and nutritious food to share, and lively conversation. I love the Amish for their simplicity, service to God, and barn-raising community. I love the Quakers for sitting in silence together for a whole hour a week, sometimes more. I love the Jews for their singing and eating rituals. I love the raw food folks for their GENUINE desire to welcome people into this amazing life by providing support, information, education, and acceptance. I love my family for growing exponentially and not diminishing their love and sincere desire to get together, no matter how crazy it can get. I love the Findhorn Community in Scotland for showing me HOW a successful community works. Love Love Love.

I'm so stoked to be able to be 100% raw right now. I am looking forward to shedding more and more unnecessary stuff (weight, limiting beliefs, toxins, etc) so that I can make more room for the necessary stuff. Yay.

Please comment or email if you have a topic you'd like me to share, investigate, etc.
Love to you all!

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