Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've been a raw foodist now for over a year and a half...that doesn't really seem like a long period of time when you think about 28 years of eating cooked food. But I've come to realize and experience that time bends differently on raw food.

My body has dropped 30 pounds, I look younger, my skin is smoother, my eyes, whiter, my sleep has improved drastically, my intuition has quantum-leaped, my personal growth has amped up exponentially, and my health has increased four-dimensionally.

If you were to tell me two years ago, "Hey, I bet you'll have all this crazy-awesome stuff happen to you in the next couple of months after eating more fruit and veggies," I would've laughed (and secretly been angry at you for even suggesting that I might possibly be able to do this, believing fully well that I would fail miserably).

And here I am. I talk with a lot of folks about different things like business, health, relationships, addiction, etc., and I cannot help but talk about raw food...because it might help them for one reason or another (or several!). I don't mean to belabor the point (wow, that phrase is getting a lot of play, isn't it?), but REALLY, raw food is more than a's a lifestyle. It's not a flash in the pan, or a fluke, or a pipe dream.

My mother, who was previously a size 14 (she's 5'2") is now swimming in size 6 jeans. I wouldn't have believed it, had I not experienced it myself. And she's not even 85-100% raw!

I don't hear a lot of people talking about how amazing they felt after cooked food, so it seems crazy that I keep talking about raw food, but really, it's worth a 30 day trial for anyone, just to see if there is any improvement.

In fact, I will promise to stop talking about it, if after they are 50% raw for 30 days, it makes NO difference in their life.

I'm at the point now, with having read tens of raw books, that I feel immersed in the mainstream culture of raw food. When someone says, "Superfood," I nod. When someone talks about green smoothies, my mouth waters. When someone asks about my protein intake, I outright laugh! This is how I know this is my life. I've spent enough time and energy testing this out, that I know I am in it to win it.

I know that my thought processes have changed, my "still small voice" is not only louder, but actually is the loudest voice, and I know that my intuition is riding shotgun with my logical mind, not stuffed in the trunk, like stinky garbage.

It feels really good. If you are early on your raw path and wonder if you could ever get here, you CAN. I'd be happy to help, even. I like to reiterate that the raw food path is PERSONAL. I can't tell you exactly what to eat. I can't give you a magic regimen to follow. I can help you tweak some aspects, I can troubleshoot issues, but ultimately you are creating your health. You're not alone, by any means, but this is your experience.

Keep it up. Be proud of yourself. You've chosen the "path less traveled" but I bet you anything it's one awesome path!

I'm currently writing the next booklet for my upcoming class, Warming Up with Raw Food! I can't wait to share it with you.

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