Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raw Food 101 Class

I had a GREAT time teaching my second Raw Food 101 class. It gives me such pleasure to teach, share, support and encourage people on the raw food path, whether for health, weight loss, clarity, or anything else.

What I love about raw food is that even if you start eating more raw foods for one reason, the other stuff comes anyway, effortlessly!

We had 5 lovely women in attendance today, with my husband Josh teaching "Knife Skills" for the first part. I hope to develop the class to be even more in-depth so that we can cover other things (four hours is not enough time!).

We talked about protein sources, supportive websites, how we can use veggies more creatively, and the individual components of starting on the raw food path.

The booklet I wrote and compiled goes into many of the topics more in-depth, and I hope to expand that, as well.

I had a blast creating a delicious meal with our group and look forward to more get togethers!

I'm going to be teaching another 101 class since several folks missed this one and have expressed interest. In addition to regular 101 classes, I'll be talking in future lectures about Warming Up with Raw Food, Raw Food on Vacation, Raw Food Potluck Dishes, It's Easy Eating Greens, and I'm especially excited about my couples and family class for the raw foodist and non-raw community they live in!

I have a million ideas for classes but if you have something you want to learn, drop me a line and I will find a way to make it into a class!

Stay tuned here for calendar updates, or better yet, email me and I'll put you on my mailing list.

So here's to more raw food, healthy living, and all the success you can handle!

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