Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's My Motivation?

This is a great question to ask yourself throughout your raw journey. Motivations change, just like dreams and goals. We start out with one or two ideas about what we want, and then, sometimes without us knowing, our desires change.

I started out on raw food with a goal of detox (and then it sort of morphed into weight loss) but now that I know how to do those things and it's just a week of green smoothies away, I'm not as committed to raw as I used to be. It seems my motivations have changed.

I loved feeling good and cleansed, but that doesn't seem to do it anymore. What else do I want now? The summer has returned and I am outside more so I'm seeing a shift toward earth connection. Our fruit will be coming in soon, the strawberries need to be weeded, and I need some spiritual help from my earth food.

My motivation is to feel connected to my nourishment again. I miss that feeling of reaping what I sow, of the life energy that comes from plants, of the natural and organic relationship I have with my food.

I also want to be nourished again. I don't just want to stave off hunger. I want to feel satiated by The Source through plant food. While Vitamineral Green is nice, it can't beat a homegrown berry, y'know?

What is your CURRENT motivation for being raw?

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