Thursday, February 4, 2010

No need for rockstar status

It helps me to remember that being raw doesn't *mean* anything. It doesn't mean I'm perfect, dogmatic, religiously zealous, 100%, etc. It just means that I tend toward raw food. I eat dairy sometimes and french fries and pie. But I love raw food, I eat mostly raw food, and raw food suits me. That's all.

I'm always trying to be the "good girl" in all I do...and honestly, it's not good for me. I just try to eat better for my own benefit, not for others.

I always get curious folks, questioning my methods, but I can't take it personally. They just want to know. But I don't need to bash myself just because I'm not perfect ALL THE TIME.

At the moment, I'm trying to stay raw until 3pm. No hard and fast restrictions, I just try, every day, to wait til 3pm to eat cooked food or not so raw foods. So far, it makes me feel better...which is plenty for me.


Lynn said...

yo go girl! All you have to be is the best you you can be! Eat raw when you can and know that life goes on when you don't! I'm in the same place with my meat eating! :-)

Jim said...

Hi Becca.

All you can do is your best and you are doing it well. Great blog and continued success on your raw food journey.

To Your Health!
James Reno