Monday, August 30, 2010

Compulsively Eating Cooked Food

I'm struggling with a bit of a sore throat. Not suprisingly. I ate a lot of cooked food this past weekend. Ugh.

I have no problem when I bring my lunch to work. Or when I'm at home (sort of). But when I'm in a group, a lot of people pleasing goes on and I eat what's there, even if I KNOW it's not good for me.

Cheese has been eliminated from my diet. Eggs too, mostly. I think next is sugar. I believe that's what's giving me the sore throat. I ate too much of the processed sugar. I have been really lax on the sugar and the wheat, but I need to get back to it. Maybe if I am less stressed, I will eat less processed food? I don't know.

I am running into a rut of eating the same old boring food day after day, so I slip into cooked food habits when I get bored.

But I know the why do I do it?

I found a woman nearby my work who does energy work AND nutrition and I think that might be a good angle for me. I need to figure out why I eat poorly when I am stressed, knowing full well it won't be good for me. Boo.

I'll update after an appointment.

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