Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Raw Bed and Breakfast, Here We Come!

I've always wanted to own, manage and work in a bed and breakfast. I liked the idea of welcoming people, and meeting interesting guests. As I got older, I liked the idea of making food for people, of hosting fun events, of making people feel at home. Now, I am firmly in my adulthood, and I realize that, for me, home is truly where my heart is. I love having family over, watching movies in groups, playing board games, and having dinner parties. Our house is emptying out of long-term housemates and making room for short-term, temporary guests. We've decided to transition our house into a B&B, with a focus on raw vegan food (but we welcome everyone!) as well as local, seasonal food. We hope to host classes, retreats, and food tours and provide full-service accommodations to guests.
So far, we've been in trial mode, opening our home to guests who aren't specifically geared toward vegetarian or vegan accommodations and it's been GREAT!
Stay tuned for more about that. I've also started a blog, about our experiences, and you can find that here.

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Shanae Buckner said...

We actually have the same habits. heheh. I love to serve food to my family, especially during weekends, when I can cook lunch and dinner for them. Seeing their reaction after tasting a new dish for the first time is an accomplishment for me!

Shanae Buckner