Monday, June 4, 2007

Raw Food Catering

I've recently contacted a woman who is starting a raw food catering business and I told her that I could work PT on weekends. I figured it would be nice to learn more about the catering business and raw food cooking through someone else's trial and error.
Oddly enough, the idea kept my mind busy on the prospect of my own catering business. I am really enjoying the raw food prep and get excited when I watch videos of people preparing dishes. Plus raw food has basic ingredients so it's easy to have them in the house all the time. I don't usually have to go out and get too much. When I remember to stock my kitchen, we always have everything: nuts, parsley, oil, lemon juice, etc. Good stuff. It's so much nicer to prepare food without having to substitute.

Today I thought about the fact that if I just did desserts, then the raw food catering could start small. I really like the desserts and while they are usually pretty rich and not well combined, for some folks it'd be okay. So that's been nice because I really want to do stuff slowly and not get too overwhelmed, too fast.

Raw food catering is a big ordeal and I'd need time and help and it's best to simply start small. Get a biz license and then write off the dehydrator purchase. :)

I'm excited about the future...raw food is where it's at for me right now and it'd be cool to simply ride that train.

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