Monday, August 20, 2007

Get Together

I saw a Rawcumentary (Supercharge Me: 30 Days Raw) on Saturday. It was great to go to the movie and be with people who are either raw or raw-curious. The movie itself was great. An easy to identify with format made it interesting and entertaining. I already decided to go raw before the movie, but it affirmed the concept that raw food is so good for me. Plus, I really do like seeing other raw supporters in the same room. I felt completely normal, which is nice.

Afterward there was a fundraiser for Raw Washington at Chaco Canyon and the food was delicious! Loved it! Raw pizza, coconut balls, pates, cheese (yum!), sushi. I sometimes forget that raw food can also be really gourmet. SO GOOD.

Raw Network of Washington also sponsored a Raw for 30 Days Challenge and had people sign up to host a support group for four weeks for those who would like to get more resources, meet more people, and connect with the raw community. I volunteered to host and tonight was our first get together. Jenna Norwood, Mary and Monika all came and we talked about ways to offer and receive support, as well as ways to support the raw community as a whole. We talked about the fact that food wasn't always what we wanted to talk about and an idea was born to start raw salons, created solely for conversation and not FAQs for those who want to talk about more. I'm a big fan of a raw women's group, too. A place where we can talk about the bodily changes that we are experiencing; including menses, menopause, pregnancy, depression, exercise, and weight loss.

I had a great time discussing all the possibilities ahead of us. I may even join the board!

What I am enjoying lately is what is happening with my life's purpose. I am slowly feel dissatisfied with my work and putting a lot more energy into manifesting sustainable work from home. I have a few possible Reiki clients and I'm eager to make cards and start promoting myself. To me, Reiki and raw go hand in hand. It's a good community to work with, mission-wise.

I have some upcoming travel in Switzerland and Italy and I'm very excited, although I am curious about how it will be when I'm raw. I'll keep you posted.

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