Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sense of Calm

After a very successful support meeting yesterday, I feel enthusiastic about helping folks get support for the raw lifestyle.

I'm currently in weekly therapy and I started going not because I have tons of issues, but because my food choices were changing my life. At first, because I was eating a lot of sugar, the changes were not so good: weight gain, sugar addiction, poor nutrition, obsession, etc. After going raw, I started to regulate my eating better, felt much lighter, got much lighter, started noticing more peaceful feelings inside, and overall didn't need to dramatize my life as much. That's enough incentive to eat raw right there.

Today in my session I was talking about how I don't need to spend so much time in other people's business. All the energy I expend to be right, judge, criticize, and more means that much LESS for me and my own furthering of my life.
When I spend time focused on expanding my business, then I don't have time/energy to bully other people (which I did a lot, unfortunately).

Eating raw food has streamlined my body enough so that I am not eating over my emotions. I'm not using processed food to distract me from my purpose. I'm not entertaining myself with food in the same way (now I try to use simple ingredients to make tastier food!). When I am tired, instead of eating food for energy, I get the rest that my body wants. When I am sad, I cry instead of eat. When I am angry I do not rail against people, now I just rail for a mere moment against circumstances, and then I look to use the experience to help me grow.

I'm turning 30 soon (in less than a month!) and although I thought this birthday would be about a huge party and whooping it up about tons of '30 year old' stuff...it seems that I'm hearing the wise-woman voice louder and that's enough to celebrate for me. :)

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