Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On Again Off Again

I've become accustomed to saying I am "mostly raw" which means that I do not hold myself to a perfectionistic view of eating raw food (I do eat commercial 'raw' almond butter, drink pasteurized beverages on occasion, and I've stopped asking if everything is organic). When I feel pulled to eat outside my raw guidelines, I don't beat myself up. Do I feel better after eating cooked food? Certainly not. Do I feel worse when I spend time berating myself for not being 100%. Absolutely. So my solution, as well as that of many raw folks out there, is to go slowly and intentionally. I am conscious of the cooked food I eat. Most times it's usually a friend's homemade treats or something that I can't be absolutely sure is 100% raw. This has allowed me to stop confining myself and to let my journey be just that, a journey.

Sometimes I don't want to blog if I've been eating too much cooked food because I feel that I will be misleading readers and disappointing them. Yikes. If that is what I allow to happen, then I keep people from getting to know me, Becca, as a dynamic, 3-D person, not just a blogger "somewhere out there."

On a positive front, I am developing/exploring ways to incorporate my desire to be raw and my enthusiasm to share the raw life with others. Since I am an energy worker, eating raw foods goes right along with my energy work. On top of that, I enjoy the emotional work as well and want to provide folks an all-encompassing Whole Systems approach to life. If they come in for Reiki, that's great, but I am dying to share raw food with them. If they come to a raw food workshop, I want to offer Reiki treatments to ease transition. If I do a feng shui consultation, then I of course want to help folks not only clear energy within their house, but also within their body (as they are in close relation). I am seeking ways to market this approach so that when people come to me for one thing, I can guide them to other things that are available to them.

My current job, although nice for various reasons, is slowly running out with regards to my energy. I am putting out to the Universe that I am looking to step up my energy as well as my abundance by doing the things that not only I am good at, but also love. A friend is going to help me focus on marketing, which will be a step in the right direction.

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