Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eat Nothing Day

I just wanted to put a note here for myself mostly, that another part of raw food that I tend to ignore is that I don't have to eat the same amount as other people who are eating cooked food. I tend to snack more than eat huge plates of food and I need to listen to my body when I am full and then feel free to eat more often because I'm not eating so much at once.

I don't like that it's culturally okay to overeat on Thanksgiving. I hope to pay more attention to eating only when I am hungry.

There's a movement of people who celebrate "Buy Nothing Day" but for raw foodists, who enjoy the occasional fast, maybe we should have an "Eat Nothing Day" the day after Thanksgiving. We can drink tons of juice, enjoy our families, take brisk walks outside, and really give thanks for the amazing things our bodies do for us. Just a thought.

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