Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I've been gathering up items for my Raw Thanksgiving and I feel really solid about making food for myself. I like the preparation of food. If I remember to do it, then all the better. Soaking things ahead of time is always something I forget to do. This time, I'm on top of it. Heidi and Justin's Raw Thanksgiving e-book was a treat because they tell you when to shop, soak, and prepare the food. I gotta get in the habit of doing that (planning, etc).

I won't be making enough food for other people because I am tired of the fear of rejection. I'm making enough for myself, and if there's some left over, then by all means, I'll share. I usually feel bad for "pigging out" on my own raw food, but since everyone else will have dishes and dishes of yummies, I figured it was okay to have my own yummies.

I'm still emotionally detoxing, but it's tapering off. Well, it's lessening, anyway. I am feeling that there are many deep layers to sift through but I am trying really hard NOT to force myself to "deal" with it. It's like taking echinacea AFTER you're already sick. Sure, it can help build your immune system back up, but for the most part, it's okay to just be sick for a bit.

I'm always looking for a quick fix or a band-aid, but I need to see that going raw and being raw is not a linear journey and there is no "quick fix". It's a matter of listening to my body again and really paying attention to how I am feeling and what I am doing in the world.

I had a manual therapy appointment with Dr. Felice and it was great to listen to my body in that way too. I heard a podcast with Cynthia Waring, author of Bodies Unbound, and she talked about how we store emotions in our muscles. I should read her book, but that was enough for me to start thinking. What is stored in my body?

I've had some unfortunate experiences in my life and they are all in my body somehow and eating raw food helps me heal all the stuff that hasn't been able to heal prior to this point in my life.

Raw Summit 2, btw, is AWESOME. I'm happy to be able to hear all these great leaders speak! Check it out.

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