Friday, April 4, 2008


Since my retreat with Josh last weekend, I've been hearing very clear guidance. My dreams are vivid and it's not hard to interpret them, and I am feeling a lot more energetic, clear, and honest.

I have been detoxing and today is my last day! Last night I did some un-detox-y things and ate a few things in excess, past 6:30pm, and chose some not really good for me foods. My guide said that I could try to see what would happen when I did ALL the things that were questionable for my health and well-being. Boy, it was a bad thing. I had gas, felt irritable, couldn't stop eating, woke up with a gut full of stuff, and slept less. It was not desirable. It was good for me to see the difference between sleeping well, having energy to exercise in the am, and feeling connected. Eating late into the night (peer pressure is really bad for me) was no good and my choices were even worse.

The guidance to eat without shame was good though. The additional shame we put ourselves through after bad decisions actually can worsen the food going in. Stress causes acidity in our bodies and just a smidgen of worry can make a difference in how we feel, react, and recover.

I ate to experiment, to see how bad it really is to eat later...if I do it again, then I will drink my food so that at least it's not too bad. The detox has given me some awesome tools to get a better handle on my eating and to also surrender to the Universe if I am not conscious enough about my choices. Wahoo!

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