Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Raw Spirit Continued

What I really enjoyed and what I want others who were not there to know, is that it was really cool to be among others like me. I highly underestimate the support component in the raw and living foods lifestyle. I'm usually the "freaky" person in the crowd, what with my "salad with no dressing" or my "just uncooked vegetables" requests. But there I was, with hundreds of other folks talking about cacao (without the need to explain the diff. b/w raw and roasted), goji berries, coconut milk, red peppers (instead of green), etc.

The last night Shimshai played a great concert and I teared up watching non-drunk, non-drugged, happy people dancing and emanating pure love. Seriously, chefs, speakers, authors, new to raw alike were getting down and dancing under the full moon. It was fantastic.

I had bed-head practically every day (I only showered once for 2 mins--too cold--the whole weekend), I wore the same clothes, I didn't put on any pretense and I was loved from the moment I arrived, until I parted ways with folks at the airport. There was an almost tangible, constant "hug" from raw fooders the whole weekend. I highly recommend folks get down to Santa Barbara in May for the next fest.

The food was a bit heavy for me, since I usually have a green smoothie first thing, a salad for lunch, and then a heavier, but less complicated dinner, but I could hardly pass up the delicious meals that came with the entry fee.

I'll also bring my own sleeping bag next time because the nights were cold and I do much better when I am warm at night. CA might be diff. in May, but I still need a sleeping bag.

After seeing all of my raw food heroes and having such an awesome time, I am more resolute than ever regarding my mission in life. Optimum health is available to us without gimmicks, guilt, counting calories, surgeries, and unnecessary medical procedures. I want to help empower folks to be in charge of their health and through that, their life. I'll be offering classes on the emotional aspects of going raw, living in a non-raw family (this will be primarily a couple's class), getting in tune with the seasons via our food choices, building community, and many more.

Raw food has provided me better relationships with friends and family, amazing health, weight loss, mental clarity, spiritual growth, personal growth, and a much stronger and varied sense of taste. And I simply want to share my experience and provide support and encouragement to others!

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Jim said...

That's beautiful that you want to reach out and help others! I'm sending you lots of love and encouragement to follow that desire! What a lovely world we have with all this raw love being shared with others!

Lots of love to you,

Wendi Dee

p.s. I was SUPER EXCITED to see the All Raw Directory Widget on your page!!! That made my day!!!

(I had to use my husband's Google account info to leave a message.)