Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Raw Spirit Festival 2008

I just got back from Raw Spirit Festival 2008 and it was a blast! Hubby Josh came with me and we had such a great time. We volunteered 5 hours each day so we could meet raw food chefs and others interested in raw food prep. It was a lot of fun to spend the early morning preparing food for thousands of attendees.
After our shifts we were able to hear raw food folks: Anthony Anderson, Dr. Doug Graham, Karen Knowler, Dr. Aris La Tham, David Wolfe, and many more!

We got to try so many yummy dishes by raw food chefs too!

More Later!

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HiHoRosie said...

I so wish I was there too! From whatever is saying who went and their pictures, it was too fun! I saw a pic of you with Bunny in one of the shots. :) Hope to hear more about it from you.