Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I completed 8 days of the Master Cleanse, which was less than I started out wanting to do, but it was enough for me to gain some clarity, feel some yearning, and see what I do to myself to sabotage my success...

I had mostly orange juice yesterday (easing out) with some bites of raw food for dinner and this morning I had a banana orange smoothie...feeling full. I made hubby some kale avo salad (with olive topping) and then I just made some flax crackers for later, when I eat more solid and dehydrated food.

I have a new housemate who is really into raw food and it'll be fun to have more people in the house who enjoy raw food. Always more fun to make food for/with others.

The belly is feeling a bit rough with food in it, but I feel just fine. In fact, I feel mentally great. I'm able to eliminate perfectly fine, which is always good. Stuff is coming out even with juice (I've left the fiber in the oranges so hopefully it's pushing out some older things).

I prolly won't do MC again, but I will do some other cleanse again in several months, as we transition again. Seasonal cleansing is good for me. Is it good for you too?

I lost about 8 pounds, which is great. I hope to lose the extra weight that isn't necessary or at least if I don't lose more weight (I love my smaller clothes!), I feel good in my body at its desired weight.

I think I will go back to my original idea of fasting one day a week because it's nice to give my body a break. I used to think that a weekend day was a good time to fast, but I realize that since I work at home, and some days have minimal interaction with others, I am free to choose a better weekday. Being conscious of that choice is good. I don't have to eat with everyone to interact.

All in all, a good cleanse. Next time I will also do a colonic or enema.

I'm hosting a class at my house for folks who are raw-curious, and want to know how to make some of the food I make for potlucks, quick meals, picnics, etc. Raw food can be really easy AND delicious. I have yet to be relegated to eating carrot sticks and lettuce leaves (which seems to be this mythical fear for non-raw eaters) in my 2+ years of being raw.

Be Fruitful!

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