Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4-Master Cleanse

Today, I feel like a rockstar!

If you plan well, eat/drink properly beforehand, then it's much easier. And don't drink anything that will turn your insides...that was the only snafu I've had so far. First day was challenging and I do smell all the fried food that's being cooked around me, but for the most part, it's nice to have a break from food and eating.

Kind of like vacation, where you want to check email or get voicemails, but really, three days into it, you realize you don't really want to be that connected and you'd rather hang out on the beach or enjoy the sunset.

Cleansing is like a body vacation. Funny thing though, on actual vacation it seems that our society, on a whole, eats worse ("I'm on vacation! I can have a little ice cream, cake, double mocha, 5 servings of pasta, etc!"), even though we're supposed to be taking a break from our lives or normal go, go, go. Hmm.

I slept really well and have been having weird, hard to verbalize dreams. I love to dream, even if I don't remember or can't quite grasp with my conscious mind. I seem to work things out really well in dreamland.

One thing that I love about cleansing is that my confidence restores to its natural high levels. With raw food, it's easy to feel good about myself because I don't have any yucky food pulling me down. I have more energy to complete tasks (adding to my confidence), I'm more inspired, creative, etc.

What I'm finding is that I eat to prevent the aforementioned good times, as well. I'm afraid of the failure aspect so I eat to make myself right ahead of time (if I believe I never follow through, then of course I have to make sure I don't and eating is the fastest way to do that!).

Raw food and a larger liquid portion of my food will keep me humming along. I'm excited to get back to raw food. I miss all the yummy things I used to make.

I remember when I did the liver and gall bladder cleanse at Annapurna Inn. It was an intense experience, but I really enjoyed it. Luckily, you get to drink blended stuff the whole time so I wasn't very hungry anyway, but cleanse we did! I'd like to do it myself, at home, but the only thing I'm not able to do is the colon therapy over here. And Port Townsend is really a destination spot. Maybe in the off-season I can go again. It was a great experience.

It's good to work on my business plans while I am cleansing. The confidence mixed with the good feelings can actually propel me forward. I'm thinking of offering a class on nutrition and performance in the workplace...maybe I should write an article first to see if there is interest. aha!


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