Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Listening to my Body

It's one thing for my body to communicate, it's another thing for me to listen.
I have been fasting for 36 hours (a couple juices have kept me going) so that I don't overload my body with more food information. I want to eat, and I'll bring food to eat, but I spose I'm not that hungry, in all honesty. I just miss eating.

I am curious about what my body is telling me. I know that I have too much mucus in me. I know that I don't listen when I feel full. I know that being sick makes me insane. I know that food is still a problem, even if I have stopped eating sugar. I know dairy is not only not good for me, but it actually compromises my health, just like sugar. This is my dairy hangover...

I feel pretty crappy physically, and also, disconnected. Again, eating with others is hard and I don't give myself any raw options, so of course I don't take care of my body in that way. Plus, I still overeat. I overeat with raw food too. I know when I am full, and yet I continue to eat. Ugh. I don't need to, but I still think things like "This is the last time..." and then eat as much as I can pack in. It's silly, really.

Anyway, I hope to do a little uncovering today around my body and why I treat it this way.

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