Monday, May 21, 2007

My Body Communicates

Well, I mentioned to a few folks that when my body helps my brain remember that I can't really eat specific foods, that's when I will get it through my head.
Today should be that day!
I am FULL of mucus and while sometimes it a sign that I am detoxing, I also believe that it's a sign that I should not eat dairy. I have eliminated most dairy from my diet already, but cheese was still hanging on and this weekend, after some delicious dairy dishes, my body said WHOA. I'm sad about it, for sure. Sugar and refined chocolate were hard to give up, but I felt okay with their substitutes. Cheese on the other hand does not have a very good substitute. Brie, bleu, sharp cheddar, etc. are so good that a substitute simply won't cut it.
But I know that the alternative is feeling shitty for a few days and that isn't that helpful either. My head feels heavy and full of crap and I can't go five minutes without sneezing, blowing my nose, or hacking up stuff. Ugh. Even the netti pot isn't that successful. I simply have a lot of mucus in my body and it isn't out yet. I think the mucus overload coincides with the candida and I need to seriously avoid those foods.
I've been fasting most of today to give my body a break from the food assault of the past week, but I need to keep that up so that I can seriously clean house a bit. We made excellent raw-ish chili last night and I really want to eat it again, but I think I will let my body decide when it's time to eat. I haven't really been that hungry today so I'm not sure I'll eat the chili tonight. It was a cinch to make too! I also made Date Nut Torte, which is rich and sweet and delicious, but again, a bit mucus-producing.

Oh mucus, why have you forsaken me!?

I did have carrot, radish, celery juice today for lunch and it was quite tasty!

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