Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling Better Today!

I had a phone session with Paula Langguth Ryan (she's an AWESOME abundance coach) and I feel SO much better about what's going on in my life.
I feel a bit torn between offering up too much information & wanting to share all the details and not publicly writing every single thing that's going on (it can be overwhelming), but let's just say that I'm really getting a chance to look at my life these days.

Not eating a ton of food (raw or otherwise) is helping me a lot. While it's boring (I like to be entertained by food), I can feel the good feelings around it too. I have more time to read, observe, and sleep.

Here's something challenging: My husband Josh is a foodie. When an artist mixes just the right color, or a dj mixes just the right beat and sample, they are in the flow. Josh, too, has a flow when it comes to food. We don't share raw food together in the way he likes to play with cooked food, so it's a bit hard for us to navigate what's going on when one of us is not participating the way the other wishes we did. We have friends coming over for dinner this week and I am cleansing, so I won't be making my own food, nor am I that excited to sit at the table and watch others eat. HUGE STICKING POINT. Normally, I would just make my own raw meal, with all the accoutrements, but I really need to listen to myself when it comes to this food thing. Just because people get together and share food and that in itself can be the entertainment, doesn't mean I have to or even want to sometimes. It's hard for me to even share that thought, since it feels rude and judgmental, but that's how I feel nonetheless (not rude & judgmental, but simply not into food as entertainment).

Josh and I used to share food and we don't do it much anymore. So what can we share? We're going on a retreat next weekend and we'll talk about that.

There are so many raw blogs out there! I can hardly keep up! But I try and it's actually really great to find good blogs that offer valuable information, discussion, reflection, and products.

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