Monday, May 14, 2007

Cleaning Up Around the House

As my body gets more and more used to eating pure, raw, organic foods, I'm increasingly more aware of the crap that's just sitting around my house. I no longer enjoy a dirty/messy desk (I never "enjoyed" it, but I tolerated it!), I like to have a clean basement, clean compost container on the sink, clean junk drawer, clean closet, etc. I have been a packrat for a long time and usually I just go over the stuff I have, decide I still want it for posterity, and put it back into my disorganization matrix. I've moved from house to house with stuff I won't even look at because I figure I'll never get rid of it.
Now, when I go through boxes, I no longer think "I'll use it someday" or "I could sell this on ebay" or "My kids will want to look at that." It's been an interesting and surprisingly change. Just this weekend I cleaned out all this stuff for my friend's fundraising garage sale. It felt good to support her AND ditch some items that I simply wasn't dealing with fast enough.

Cleaning is far more enjoyable now that we don't have a lot of crap lying around. And I'm labeling boxes, so things are simply easier to find and put away. Amazing!

The desire to STAY clean comes with being raw, in my opinion. If I am trying to get clean inside, then it only makes sense to get clean outside. For others, it may work the other way around: cleaning their house may help them clean up their bodies...doesn't matter to me how it happens, but it just feels good to be cleaner and clearer.

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