Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What is the Meaning of Health?

As my body goes through layers of detoxification, I realize that parts of me are starting to come out that are usually in hiding.

For instance, I initially made appointments to see a dentist and a naturopath to make sure this transition to raw is going okay. I wanted to keep on top of it, in case I wasn't aware of any side effects or in case my doctors had some knowledge to impart that I had skipped over.

There's my first moment of learning. I assumed that two people I had never met prior to my first appt. with them would know MORE than I knew about myself, having 29 years experience in my body. While of course doctors go to school to learn medical skills, I had spent 29 years studying myself (and I don't mean that lightly, I really got into my own health). They could tell me what they learned, but could they tell me what I KNOW already? Not likely.

I didn't realize this little tidbit until I had sensed their disapproval or lack of knowledge around my life and attempted to heed their advice or. My ND, although not overtly concerned with my raw diet, told me that I had a chronic yeast infection and to take this and that for this long for this many days. I listened, despite my initial aversion to so much incoming stuff. I usually don't like supplements because they are hard to remember to take. But maybe my body just knew that I needed a change in my diet, not an addition to it.
I heard someone on a podcast say "My friend who's a doctor said, 'If you don't want any medicine, don't come and see me.' " That makes perfect sense. I see doctors so that they tell me something. It would be silly if I went and they didn't tell me everything that they thought I should take a look at, no matter how good or bad it was.
Turns out, on a whole, I am fine. I'm a bit low on Vitamin D (most folks in Seattle and other northern states are) and I had too much yeast in my body. I am working on both of those things (as raw as possible, with little to no supplements at this point).

The important part is that as I start to get more clear physically, that same clarity is coming emotionally and mentally. The idea that I doubted my health, is one way to weaken my health. I know I feel better. I know my body really enjoys raw food. I know that the weight I've lost was weight I don't need anymore. I trust my body to tell me things that most doctors won't be able to tell me. I know when my cycle will begin, I know when I am stressed, I know when I am hungry, I know when I am grounded, etc. My awareness isn't just a nice tool to pull out in therapy, it's a tool that I can use any time I want, for anything.

The meaning of health is so personal. Everybody has had a different history with health and their journey will continue to be just as unique. So I don't worry so much about RDAs and doctor's recommendations. I listen to my body and see what it has to tell me. Most times my health isn't even about nutrients or the physical part, it's about my attitude and sense of self.

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