Sunday, October 28, 2007


Nope, not a recipe. I made the tiramisu from Cafe Gratitude and served it family style to my family for a pre-wedding meal. RAVE REVIEWS! Also, many family members haven't seen me since I've become raw and I got lots of compliments on that. It felt good to be seen for how I feel.
EVERYONE loved the tiramisu (even though I need to work out some kinks) and I felt SO good. I am still in the approval seeking stage regarding my food. I made Pasta Buddha-nesca (a la Jenna Norwood) but the garlic (raw garlic is tough!) was too spicy so lots of food went untouched. I think I will try to dehydrate it a little beforehand so that the sweetness can be preserved. Raw is just too much. I'll be stinky today for sure.

It was great to host a party at our house and made raw food (we did not tell people it was raw unless they asked). I had a great time making the tiramisu (a two day process) and not too many plates came back full. :)

I look forward to learning more about hosting bigger events because raw food can be "reheated" so there's a delicate holding time. I enjoyed people enjoying raw food for sure.

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