Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why I'm Raw

When I am faced with a wheat-y, sugary cooked food (my weakness) I wish I could quickly list off all the reasons why I don't REALLY want to eat it, so I'm making a list to post in my office and carry in my wallet (two convenient sizes!)

Why I'm Raw:
a good night's sleep
wearing cute clothes that fit my new, lean body
more energy
clear skin
not getting sick (even when it's 'going around')
healthy pregnancy (eventually)
spiritual connection to God
spiritual connection to everything else
no gas
no excessive time in the toilet
quick healing
better Reiki sessions
cheaper food budget
no yeast infections
no cysts
more enthusiasm for life
more creativity
feel lighter
more environmentally responsible
less packaging
food tastes better
desire to eat foods I didn't like before
my whole life changes
feel more compassionate
manifest better
so many delicious foods!
awesome community, in Seattle AND worldwide!

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anonymous said...

Your list looks a lot like mine! Great blog! Thank you!