Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 1 of Master Cleanse 2009

I've been putting up my updates, sentence by sentence on Facebook but I thought since I have some time to reflect, that I'd write a blog post.

Several folks and I are doing the Master Cleanse from June 1st-June 10th. Many raw food advocates say just eat better raw food and don't do the cleanse (maple syrup isn't raw). However, until I design a better cleanse for myself (hey, that's not a bad idea!), I'll stick to the 68 year old method of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne.

Today is the first day and I mixed a big batch for three people in our house. It's quite hot. Maybe a bit too much. I'm at the law firm for several days this week so it's good to be away from the house and the lure of food-type stuffs. When I'm home, I tend to hang out in the kitchen, which isn't really good for me when I'm restricting my consumption.

I haven't written down my intentions yet for this cleanse so I'll do it here.

1) Ultimately, I want to lose the extra pounds I've been carrying since I stopped eating mostly raw (darn Europe!). I am learning that travel+winter=poor eating (especially in places that have limited raw products and barely know what a vegetarian is).

2) I have some beliefs about abundance, success, self-worth and self-value that need shifting/updating. When I'm on, I'm really on, but when I hit a pocket of turbulence, I practically crash the plane with my downward spiral.

3) I want to get back to my garden. I'm not sure I was ever IN my garden, really. I went there to get food, but I didn't care enough for it and I didn't feel peaceful about being there (bummer!)

4) I am full of mucus (physical manifestion of #2) and it's kinda of annoying to always have to drain my sinuses. I know that phlegm, mucus, runny noses, allergies, and all that jazz have to do with inflammation and when the body doesn't like a substance, it inflames to protect itself. Unfortunately, I do a lot of damage and I don't offer a lot of rest or breaks in between.

5) I need more mental clarity. I'm in career transition, house transition, and life path transition and I need to clear out the rubbish.

6) I miss being 100% raw and feeling good.

7) I won't be able to fast when I get pregnant and this seems like a good time to start cleaning out again in order to get back on the horse.

That's enough I think. My "hunger" in life is not satisfied by the food I am eating, which is a problem for me. I'm eating just to eat, pass time, prevent headaches, and socialize and none of those things are fulfilling right now.

I'll post if things come up like revelations, challenges, emotions, etc. Right now though, my stomach just gargles. I know it's looking for food, but not today, pal!

Way back when I went off sugar (never did it before) in Scotland it was an intense experience. I had more energy, it was emotionally challenging, and apparently I didn't write much. :S

This can be similar to that at times. Irritability, headaches, stomach pangs (which are detox symptoms), clearer vision, inability to lie (I love this one), and mental focus are all usually a part of the process. We'll see what unfolds!

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