Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 Master Cleanse

I'm feeling good this morning. Looking forward to the salt water flush, although it just makes me pee a lot and doesn't bring the massive elimination. I don't want to drink a laxative tea, as I'll be moving around a lot today and don't need any emergent pit stops.

Seems co-hort #1 is about to eliminate and co-hort #2 did last night. Whew. No need for toxic build-up, right?

My stomach feels lean today. I love that feeling. The extra blubber that I carry around feels so crappy and I am happy to fast/cleanse just to get it back to feeling good.

I know I have a food problem. But I also know that I have a hard time in OA. I wish there was a Raw OA group that met face to face.

Raw food recovery is a hard thing to grapple with in that the whole world (practically) eats cooked food, so when the First Step comes around, Admitting I Have a Problem, I look at other people and think, can I really be "addicted" to cooked food?

But I spose I can admit it, regardless of what everyone else is doing. My body reacts poorly with any cooked food. I feel worse, I look worse, brain is foggy, emotions are up and down, and I just don't feel connected.
On the flip side, when I am 100% raw, I feel SOLID. I am happy, healthy, energetic, connected and all that good stuff. Well, except for social. Social life changes. BUT, I haven't been as raw as I was in the beginning and therefore, I have been unable to retain maturity AND good eating habits.

I miss all the pies, cookies, dehydrated food, etc. I always need to have raw ice cream available.

Yes, I am thinking of food during a fasting cleanse. In fact, I am planning how to get off the cleanse and into a routine of raw eating. I'm thinking of older recipes. It's good to have some time to plan because then I can start right in with the raw food and not have to worry about what to eat.

Last time I did end up eating some cooked food because of some massive cravings, but I don't think I planned my ease out steps well enough.

This time I have two other folks I can prepare food with and for and we can stay mostly raw together. I think I want more nuts back in my life (just not cashews or almonds) because I think between the avos and nuts, I had it goin' on with regard to fat loss (I know, it seems really weird that those fats reduce fat, but I'm proof!).

Okay, gotta go drink my second drink of the day!

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